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Further Out (Than We Thought), Selenium-toned Silver Gelatin prints, 20 x 24 inches

I've always been inspired by Stevie Smith’s, Not Waving but Drowning, a poem about miscommunication and its dire consequences. In this work, I use the poem as a source of visual components - the human body and the sea - and seek to expand upon its interpretation by linking concepts of ecological dissonance with the current state of climate change. In the photographs, scenes of crashing waves are intercepted with human hands and arms in positions that embody the water, embrace the ocean, or become engulfed by it. The prints were created from digital collages, transferred to a film negative, and traditionally printed on silver gelatin paper. By using a hybrid method of analogue imagery and digital technology, I was able to work nearly limitless in scale. This series emphasizes the current instability of one our largest and most significantly shared resources, water. 
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